[LRflex] Re: normal grayscale , as it was

  • From: "Ted Grant" <tedgrant@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 10:32:20 -0800

Steve Barbour asked:

>> and if you have trouble believing this, stop/think,  and consider the
source...this doesn't come from Joe the Plumber....


what I want to know Ted, how does this relate to taking the same picture,
with a "better camera and lens"? Would that make it a winner? Or do the same
basic rules apply ?  Can you be a great photographer, if you just have the
right camera and lens? Tell me quick and tell me true....<<<


Steve mon ami, look at it this way. :-) 

Given I'm not running for political office I'll give it to you straight and
true! ;-) 

The camera doesn't make any difference as long as you have the gut feelings
in your heart and soul first! The gear can help, but it only sees what you
point it at first!

What the equipment may do is give one a drive to do better because they see
the photography of others and feel . "if he or she can take pictures with a
Leica like that, so can I!" Honestly some of my early motivation was due to
these exact thoughts! 

Obviously as we see and most have learned that isn't the case! 

Simply because you must have the inner feelings first to produce the
beautifully captured moments! Those split seconds of time that suck the wind
out of you with admiration for the "TALENT" of the published photographer.

No question equipment and using it properly makes a difference in the end

But if you the photographer with all the money in the world could buy
anything you want in equipment, but can't recognize a photo moment from a
pile of dirty dishes! The equipment means diddly squat!

The real truth is.. "It's all about visual and heart feelings!"

That's about as straight arrow as I can make it. :-) No don't look for my
name on the ballot! ;-) :-)



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