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        My name is Roberta Perkins. I live in a little, rather group of 
villages, called The Ardens(www.theardens.com; scroll down to the photo 
of tulips for a view of a project I have started) in the US. I own a 
Leicaflex SL and an R4s. My lenses are a 28, 50, 135 and a 100w/macro. 
I purchased these when I had money:-). I have no money, so I currently 
work with this set(mostly my 28 and 100) and a Nikon FM10. I purchased 
the FM 10 when I wanted to work with multiple exposures but could not 
afford a Leica that would give me that capability. Which of the Leicas 
will give me multi-exposure capablity?
        My photography is primarily outdoor work and some documentary images I 
produce, as the result of oral history projects I do. My only venture 
into digital is a Canon Power Shot A60. I purchased this just to see 
what the digital stuff was all about. It does help me with my oral 
history projects but when I want to do what is "serious" photography, 
to me, I use my analog instruments:-). I love my Leica equipment.       I am 
enjoying reading(when I can) the list. It is good to find folks who I 
can pose Leica questions to.


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