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  • From: David Young <telyt@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 07:12:59 -0700

Keith Longmore wrote:

>Looking at the two (tweaked/untweaked) shots of the blackbird, I think
>you just overdid the black slider a bit.  The grass was overpowering in
>the tweaked version, in my view, and detracted from the bird itself.  A
>histogram adjustment would probably have been better.

Yes.  You are right .. .it was a bit overdone.  However, it started 
out, as I said, as a private piece to illustrate the use of the BL 
slider, and I wanted it to be a dramatic difference.  I guess I got 
too dramatic!  :-(

Still, it showed the operation, for those who do not understand what 
the idea is all about.  Certainly, I've never used that strong a 
"boost" in any other photo... as stated, I normally give a shot 
somewhere between 4 and 7 ... perhaps 10 (out of 100), whereas this 
one was a full 35 (backed off from my first run at 40!).

I shall consider myself to have been given 40 lashes with a wet noodle. ;-)

>As well as Photoshop LE, I also have Serif's Photo Plus.  PP has three
>sliders for adjustment - dark, mid and highlight tones.  That can be
>very useful for playing with difficult-lit shots.  I don't often use PP,
>but it has some very nice features, and is much more user-friendly for
>such things as red-eye elimination than is Photoshop.  It is also much
>less expensive than Photoshop.

I'm always looking for good software which is effective and less 
expensive that PS, which is vastly overpriced for what most of us 
need.  Lightroom and Silkypix are, I think, two very good 
alternatives for Raw development, as well as being far more efficient 
in their work flows.  Sounds like Serif's PP should be checked out, too!

I look forward to seeing your photos of Crete, when posted.



David Young,
Logan Lake, CANADA

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