[LRflex] Re: Water Spots?

  • From: David Young <telyt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 14:52:43 -0700

Douglas Sharp wrote:

>Hello all those of us who are plagued with spots,
>Nice idea with the AA filter, only....... why do the spots disappear 
>when I use a different lens???? - also, the specks wouldn't become more 
>obvious at smaller apertures.
>The spots I get with a dirty Yashica Macro are also not in the same 
>place as those from a dirty Leica lens.
>Without a lens no spots at all, IMO, the spots are 
>refraction/diffraction halo effects from small specks of dust, moisture 
>or whatever, that's why they're never in focus either.
>PS, Plenty of dust around here, we live near a cement works.
Your arguments make sense to me, Douglas!  I only get the spots when 
using the 400 Telyt with the 2x converter! 

Figure that one out!

Yet I do not see it as possible that dust on the lens (sooooo far out of 
the plane of focus) could cast any sort of shadow on a film/sensor plane.

I'm bamboozled, but will try cleaning - 1st the sensor, then the glass.  
Just as soon as I find the time!


David Young,
Logan Lake, BC    

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