[LRflex] Was Leica & 4/3rds. Now Shutter technology.

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  • Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 10:22:55 -0700

Bill asked:

New subject: Does anyone have an idea of the status of development of
an "electronic shutter," a way of recording the state of a sensor over
a few milliseconds instead of turning the light coming through the
lens on and off mechanically? Is it theoretically feasible? Is it the
way video cameras capture still pictures?

Hi Bill!

Yes, it's feasible. Virtually every P&S camera does it. The problem is that you have to turn off the sensor (being used for Live View on the screen because the have very bad or no optical finders), wait for the residual charge in the photosites to dissipate, clear the array and then expose/read the chip.

This is the main cause (other than slow processors, due to low prices) of the dreaded "shutter lag" which we all hate so much in P&S cameras.

At today's level of technology, the "old fashioned" shutter is still the way to go, for high(er) performance cameras.


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