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Thanks, Dave, for this!

Sadly, I will miss the exhibition, already being booked elsewhere for 

I had never heard of Edward S. Curtis, but the link you provided is full of 
fascinating information, and I'm willing to bet his photos are phabulous!

Thanks again!



On 02/07/2005 at 8:32 AM Dave Saalsaa wrote:

>I am very pleased to announce that my hometown of Whitewater, Wisconsin
>about to host a gallery showing of the works of Edward S. Curtis.  Dates
>the showing are pending but will most likely take place beginning Sept
>of this year.  I am including a link to a web site which has a bio on Mr. 
>Curtis.  Edward Curtis was born in Whitewater Wisconsin in 1868 and died
>year I was born.  I have been asked to help with publicity by the
>of Wisconsin, Whitewater Crossman Gallery Director, Michael Flannagan.  
>is interesting to note that this is the first time in the United States
>original prints from Mr. Curtis' glass plate negatives will be shown from 
>the private collection of  Christopher Cardoza along with a few of the 
>original glass negatives.  Mr. Cardoza will also be guest lecturing during 
>the gallery showing.  The showing is free to the public and having seen
>of the advance examples of  Mr. Curtis' work, I can tell you that it is
>blowing.  I will give more info as it becomes available to me.
>Dave Saalsaa 
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