[LRFlex] Re: Tilt and Shift

  • From: "Neil Gould" <neil@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 06:19:42 -0500

Hi Xavier,

Recently, you wrote:

> Hello To All
> I have come across this web site :
> http://araxfoto.com/specials/tilt-shift-35/
> It describes a tilt / shift lens.
> On Ebay, the price for these ARSAT are not too expensive.
> Any one has used these special lenses (from Leica or third party). Any
> example?
I've not used either the Leica or third party PC lens on a Leica, but I
have used PC lenses on other cameras. I suspect that the better quality
glass will provide better quality images, as they do in the case of
"normal" lenses. If your needs can be met at a reduced quality, then you
may save some money.

> Reading a book about digital Photo technique, I've seen that Photo
> shop has a menu for persepective control. So, are those lens really
If you only require PC once in a very long while (as I do), the Photoshop
perspective controls may be sufficient. However, it is a compromise, and
does degrade the image quality somewhat. The degradation is similar to
re-sampling, in that it uses algorithms to fill in and truncate pixels to
accommodate the "warped" image. This softens the image somewhat.

If you feel that you'll be doing a lot of architectural work, an actual PC
lens will produce noticeably better results. But, then, so will a larger
film format.  ;-)



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