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Great coverage of a spectacular event, especially the rosy-cheeked kids, Polarthon2 and 6, and the happy hula racer, Polarthon3.

It boggles the mind of this native of the Sunshine State, Florida. No wonder we used to see so many Canadians, New Englanders and Midwesteners around town in the winter!



On Jan 12, 2009, at 10:00 AM, David Young wrote:

Yesterday was the start of our week-long Polar Carnival.

The lead-off event, is the Polarthon... a 2.5km skate, 2.5km run and a 7.5km X-country ski. Younger kids, do it as a relay team, though some go with the adults and "run" the whole course. It is run on one of the few, long-track speed skating ovals in western Canada. Carved out of Logan Lake, itself, it is a regulation 400 meter oval, as opposed to the 111 meter short-track ovals found in most ice arenas.

So we start with the skate... (Note the wig ... most participants don't take the Polarthon too seriously...)


While most have proper speed skates, many kids are followed by their dads, on hockey skates.


Some even try to race on figure skates!


Nobody said the run to the ski hill would be easy...


By the end of the ski, many were exhausted...


While others simply found it a challenge to stay upright ...


C&C welcomed, as always.



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Logan Lake, CANADA

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