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  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 18:53:18 -0800

This is Martha, a neighbor of wife, Margie's dad.  We are visiting for a few 


We often have tea parties where we sit around, have treats and tea and talk 
about lots of things.  She is interesting.



She and her husband, who died a few years ago, are from Germany and Poland, 
respectively.  They both lived there through WWII and made it to this 
country after the war.  They had interesting stories about what life was 
like.  We can hardly imagine the conditions they had to endure.  She lived 
in what became East Germany, and lived under Russian rule towards the last 
part of the war, which she describes as being infinitely worse that the 
Germans.  Of course, she was German, but the conditions were bad.  This time 
I asked how she was able to get out and she said the boarder was not quite 
sealed at that time, but she did have to go through a mine field to get 
across the border and then make it to the US.  She had to leave her daughter 
behind with her mother because she and her husband could not afford to take 
her at that time.  Fascinating stuff.


Comments and criticism welcome

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