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  • Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 20:07:47 -0700

Last Saturday, our town hosted a "Little Britches" Rodeo.

For those not familiar with them, Little Britches are rodeos for kids 
who want to develop skills for the pro  and semi-pro Rodeo circuits, 
later in life, or who just want to have a little fun!

While I was watching the barrel racers, I decided to try Ted's 
"Swishy Pan" technique.  It worked, though not as well as I'd like, 
on one shot in about a dozen.  The rest were "cutting room floor only" shots!

When it works, I think the method conveys motion, in a still photo, 
rather well.  Not all will agree, I'm sure.

With it, are two other shots from the day.  All are cropped from 
shots taken with the R8/DMR and 80~200/4 Vario and 2x converter combo.


Comments, good or bad, appreciated, as always.


David Young,
Logan Lake, CANADA

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