[LRflex] Summilux lens on FourThirds, a proposal to David :)

  • From: Bille Xavier F. <hot_billexf@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 23:48:08 +0100

Hi David,
I have a super feed back from the KOTL of the russian website of the Oly Club, 
Hassler.  A very nice guy who wrote in substance about the lip that licks the 
lens guard (I sent him that picture of Summicron 50):
We now about this problem, and so our chip is thickness of 1 mm.
Also he said:
We glue chip to Leica R adapter with out any support, we just use special epoxy 
glue,  in this case, this is the best choice.
The support is a small plastic tag which helps secure the chip, it looks in 
thickness like David's Adapter. Now, if the chip is drowned in epoxy, it should 
withstand more than one monting/dismounting. Originally, the chip is glued with 
super glue.
You said Fragile? Hmmm probably...
I suggest a small "shoulder" behind the chip, less large than the chip but 
offering a pole against which the chip PCB would rest. Sorry my english is 
giving up..... to be tested
Now, I am about to buy a adapter ready made from him, the Russian KOTL and give 
a try. David, if you are not in a hurry, I'll tell you and the list what is all 
If this is all right, a bulk order could be set up, the guy Hasseler seems to 
be very cooperative in business. The german PayPal takes a 10% on the price, 
come on !
If you feel interested in the adventure beforehand, let me know, David, I'll 
order 2 adapters and I'll ship one to Canada for you to evaluate. Just let me 
know. I can place the order on tuesday morning, tomorrow Monday is off.
All details can be off list. Dear FLexers, we are networking to offer the "ZE" 
very best :)
Cheers.---------------------------------Xavier F. BILLE Maisons-Alfort - France.

Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 08:26:49 -0700To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: 
dsy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: [LRflex] Re: Summicron lens on FourThirds 
(Revisited)Good Mornin', Xavier!I have written the chap who is the German agent 
for the Russian Dandelion chip.  From the illustrations, it appears that the 
Dandelion chip protrudes less into the "throat" of the adapters, and thus "may" 
allow the lip or guard that is found on the back of many Leica lenses, to clear 
- thus allowing infinity focus.  However, the only way to be sure is to buy one 
and try it.  I will report what I find, after I can obtain one.Meanwhile, it 
appears that just about any lens with the "guard" on the back of the lens will 
have problems with the Chinese FC adapter and perhaps the Russian one will, 
too.For me, I wanted the FC adapter for the Telyt, which, of course, has no 
mechanism within 50cm (20 inches) of the mount.  In the end, it turned out that 
I could have saved the money, for the finder on the E3 is so far superior to 
that in the 30D that the Telyt is easily focused, without the need for Focus 
Confirmation.  Still, it is a nice convenience.  I think I will order a non-FC 
adapter, for the 50 Summicron.Meanwhile, if everyone will take a peek at the 
Leica lenses they own, and mail me, privately (dsy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) telling me 
which lenses have the lip, and which do not; I will compile a list and post it 
on my website, as an aid to others.Many thanks, to you all, for that.Cheers!
David Young,       
Logan Lake, CANADA 
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