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  • From: Alex Hurst <corkflor@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 21:42:15 +0100

Dave and the Tedishi wrought:

>  > So, Ted, when do you write the book  "The Life and Times of Ted Grant"
>>  portrait of a working photographer. ?
>>  > I'd buy a copy.<<<<<<<<
>Hi Dave,
>Over the years I've gathered/written a great many stories & anecdotes, many
>just the idea jotted down as a reminder to write.
>The working title has been kicked around for years. "Real Photographers
>Shoot B&W. sometimes colour."
>It's a collection of stories and photographs from my career. I ran it by my
>publisher a few years ago and they turned it down. I feel it's going to be
>their loss sooner or later. However, I'm not going to roll over dead because
>they did. I just think it wasn't presented properly, but given they've had
>first refusal I can go to a new publisher. At the moment I'm trying to spend
>more time writing and remembering the events before I lose them.
>Then I thought maybe the guys and gals might be a "good test crew" for some
>of them for re-action. It does seem to be working with the comments and
>encouragement to keep going so every once in a while I feed some to the list
>to see what happens. :-)

Ted, if I may interject, I suggest you're getting your media 
priorities a bit mixed up. Publishing these days does not necessarily 
involve producing a book. If someone wants a hard copy, then you run 
them off on an 'on demand' basis at a reasonable price.

Your main audience is already here, waiting for the Tedishi's pearls 
of wisdom. I'm looking forward to the bit on astral travel... :-) Do 
I use a tripod or a monopod, and what about the 'swishy pan'? :-)

Nathan's already made a sensible and useful first step in gathering 
the sayings of Ted together.

There's nothing stopping you publishing these in your own blog, and 
I'm sure Nathan would give you a few pointers, judging by his own 
excellent effort and his own area of expertise.

Obviously it would be helpful to include samples of your work to 
illustrate the very relevant points you make.

Just a thought.


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