[LRflex] Some non-Leica photography questions and an image

  • From: "Aram Langhans" <leica_r8@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2011 12:41:22 -0700

Back from a two month cross country trip.  I have a few questions for the 
knowledge base of Leica photographers.

1.  Does anybody use a graphics tablet input device instead of a mouse for 
Photoshop or Lightroom?  Is there any real advantage to a photographer?  I 
can see how a graphic artist would really benefit, but not so sure about 
just working on photographs.

2.  Is there any way to configure Lightroom to post photos to the LUG 
gallery via FTP or some such transfer protocol?  I Lightroom has presets for 
various publishing services, but was wondering if it can be setup for the 
LUG Gallery somehow.

Got lots of photos to sort through.  Here is a start:


Taken from by Pohono bridge on the west end of the valley.  Like the 
questions above, no direct Leica content.


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