[LRflex] Re: Some Irish garden shots from an 89 year-old Leica...

  • From: Alex Hurst <corkflor@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2016 00:03:33 +0000

David wrote:

No slight against "the girls", but I like the shot of the post and life-ring the best.

Me too. Bollards don't move around much, and they talk very quietly... :-) This was a record of a great amble around something hitherto undiscovered.

That said, it was great fun to use a camera which was even older than me....

Thanks for sharing!

My pleasure.

I previously wrote:

 > Hi all.

 We discovered a fantastic garden off the beaten track in deepest Co.
 Kerry. I find it strange, in such a small island, that there are
 still these gems we didn't know about.

 My cupboard (closet?) is full of great Leica film kit - SM, Ms and
 Rs. So I've taken the considered decision to shoot more on film as I
 have a great mail-order film processor up in Co. Sligo.

 My oldest Leica camera (s/n 4387) was made in 1926/27. Looks like a
 Leica III, but was factory- converted  from the earlier model. You
 can read its story here:


 So I took it down to Kerry, and this is what I got:


 No wonder the 50mm Elmar lasted so long...


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