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At 03/10/2008, you wrote:

Wow! As a digest reader, there certainly is a lot to
"digest" in today's post. Thanks for the many thoughts about
the direction of Leica and its cameras.

I think the S2 is the only move that Leica could make that
might have a chance in the marketplace. If one prices the
available digital offerings from (or for) Hasselblad, Rollei
and Sinar, the S2 body falls right in line, and I doubt that
Hasselblad can cut their costs enough to make a big
difference. So, the competition is in the difference between
lens lines. In that area, Hasselblad has no advantages over
Rollei and/or Schneider, and certainly not Leica. Lenses
that live up to Leica performance standards should fare well
and be attractive to professionals. Service is another issue
that may impact decisions, and in that area, Leica may need
some help based on the experiences reported in this list. My
own experience is limited to one repair done by Sherry, and
I am thoroughly satisfied with her work and turnaround time.

I'm a bit more skeptical about the R10, though. Even if it
arrives as an R7 sized body with a FF sensor, its price will
have to fall in line with FF bodies from N and C to stand a
chance. But, one issue that I haven't seen discussed is the
possibility that the R10 could stifle S2 sales (or vice
versa). By the time the R10 is a reality, a >20 megapixel
sensor is likely to be the standard. As FF 35mm digital has
already eaten into many medium format applications, more
products in that area may only serve to further erode that
market. Alternatively, those who buy into the S2 would have
little or no reason to invest in an R10. I sense that we R
afficianados are by and large an aging bunch who are not in
a position to give our retirement funds to Leica.  ;-)  So,
who are the R10 customers 3 years from now?

Best regards,


G'Mornin' Neil!

Good to "hear your voice"!  :-)

I agree with you, that price will be critical, when the R10 does come out. However, I think you will find that Leica will be above the competition, but not by a lot. This has been their traditional ground, and it should work for them. What that price is, will depend on how the Euro and US Dollar fare in the meantime.

I guess it's possible that the R10 could steal sales from the S2, but no more so than the FF Nikons & Canons might. At 37.5mp, it will still beat any 20 to 24mp camera and, more importantly, with such a large sensor, each photosite will be somewhat larger, meaning a virtual absence of noise. Something very important to those doing magazine ad work.

I do agree, that those who buy the S2 will have no reason to buy an R10 ... but then I don't think Leica expects them to. Leica is looking for the pro who might use a Hassy for studio work and a Nikon or Canon for outside work. The S2 can do both jobs, with only one system. Thus, huge savings for the photographer!

The R10 is for those of us who cannot afford the S2 in the first place.



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