[LRflex] Reading the LR2 manual.....

  • From: "Frank Filippone" <red735i@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 22:54:38 -0700

I hate to admit it, but I really am a bit nerdy.......  On my vacation, and
after, I have been reading the manual on LR2 ( Light Room version 2).  So
much has been written about it, so many good comments made.  

I have an older version of PhotoShop Elements.  It is time to upgrade.... to
something.  Elements 6 ?  Photoshop?  LR2?

I started with LR2... based upon recent comments made as to its search and
retrieval abilities......  but before I buy some SW, I like to know that the
thing will do what I want it to do.... so the manual was purchased....and I
tried out a 30 day demo.  ( the demo died before I got to read the manual,
so I never got to try out the SW after I figured out what it could do....)

I was pretty much amazed at what this puppy will do..... the section on
retrieval is pretty interesting.  If you were a stock photographer, it would
be great.  For an amateur, it is nice, but no reason to buy the program as
an all in 1 photo SW.  But then I got to the Develop section, and my life
started to take off..... a bunch of stuff I have heard about seemed to be
addressed, in language I could understand....

But it is all predicated upon using RAW digital camera files as the starting
point...... ( yes, I guess it would accept scanner files,. But that seems to
be not its strong suit.....  Unfortunately this is what I had planned to
do.. run film, scan then over to  LR2.)

So I have been thinking,,,, is it time to go digital... in camera digital?
Nikon ( to use already owned lenses?)  Canon (for their ability to use
Leica R glass up front?)  Olympus ( ditto the R lens use...)?  All are in
the $2K to 5K price range.....

And then the R10 stuff started to be announced....

More thinking to do,,, but right now, the R10 is my first choice.......... 

Frank Filippone

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