[LRflex] Re: Photographers vs snapshooters

  • From: Philippe Amard <phamard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 18:15:19 +0200

Congrats on your retirement - this will leave you with plenty of time to 
shoot and share :-)    , on top of so many things you'll at last have 
time to do too.

But please don't retire from the Leicalist - we'd miss you.


Aram Langhans wrote:

>>From: KEITH LONGMORE <keith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>>To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>Subject: [LRflex] Re: leicareflex Digest V4 #148
>>Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2007 19:33:05 +0100
>>And now some of the rub.  The Fuji performed brilliantly well, coping
>>with all sorts of subjects under far less than ideal conditions.  But I
>>took almost 300 photographs with it. (Yes, really!) I spent about 3 1/2
>>hours this afternoon going through every one, deciding if I would scrap
>>it; then cropping as needed, adjusting some (basic stuff) and now I can
>>post some when I have a little time.  I have yet to organise and label
>>them, though.  Is this REALLY sensible?  No, I think not!  If I had used
>>film, I would have shot perhaps three 36's.  Film makes you think about
>>the result - especially 12 on 120 in my Rolleiflex - rather than
>>blithely banging away.  Having said that, I do try always to compose the
>>pic, and think about the end result.  Out of the 290-odd, I am scrapping
>>so far about 12.  I hear people say that going digital has improved
>>their photography.  Piffle and balderdash!!!  Anyone can get the odd
>>good photograph or three by chance, after shooting hundreds of images.
>>It takes skill to get good pictures every time with a 120 or 35mm
>>camera.  But most people don't want to have to work at it these days.
>>I have to agree with Doug Sharp - indeed I said something similar before
>>my holiday.  It doesn't have to be bleak; but facing reality is a
>>necessary element of survival for Leica.
>>So, all the best folks
>>Keith Longmore
>So, I still am a science/photography teacher (for 3 more days) and as last 
>few years go by I see that taking pictures has gotten easier and easier but 
>taking photographys is getting more difficult for my students.  They don't 
>get to use digital in the class - B&W film only, and manual cameras.  So, 
>you are correct.  People don't have to work at it these days, but you only 
>accomplish as much as you are willing to work at.  (bad grammer, I know)  On 
>a roll of 36 I expect to get 30 good photos that I would not mind showing 
>and perhaps 5 that are real winners that I would go out of my way to show.  
>My digital buddies (casual shooters) still crank out one or two good shots 
>at a session (family get together or vacation ) but I have to look through 
>hundreds of photos to see them where as before it was only subjected to a 
>roll or two of film.  Too bad there is no photon capture tax.  That would 
>slow them down a bit.
>Aram - about to retire.
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