[LRflex] Partial to Leica optics

  • From: "John, Carol & Michael Lahey-Wiggs" <j.c.m@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: LeicaReflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 21:02:02 -0600

Hello Any one:
    My name is John.  I'm a Yank who married a Canadian and now resides in 
beutiful Saskatoon, SK.  My formal education includes a BFA in Fine Arts 
Photography and a Masters in Hearing Science.  I came across a Leica M4P with a 
50 f/2 summicron as an undergrade in fine arts. I sold my nikon slr equipment a 
week later and never looked back.  Earlier this spring I found a 50 f/2 3cam 
that had been sitting idle in a camera shop for over 6mos.  I bought it cheap a 
found an R3 for a similair cost.  It to out shoots my nikon.  In my estimation 
there is no better glass made than Leica.  I am now in a delima as film 
supplies are drying up,  and or getting expensive to process for any reasonable 
photographic progect.   I am looking to go digital but have little cash flow to 
support an M8 or even a R8 with a digital module.  I want to get into wildlife 
photography but refuse to give up my Leica glass.  
    I have been following LeicaReflex for about 6mos.  and everyone seems to be 
using a little of everything.  I would like some opinion on the Panasonic L1 
and putting big glass on it for wildlife (400mm 6.8) Is it worth trying or is 
the L1 not sturdy enough for the job?  Is anyone using a canon body with a 
400mm and will a 2x converter work with it?  Any and all opinions are welcome.  
My email address is noted below:  j.c.m@xxxxxxxxxxx

Kindest Regards to all,

John, screaming and kicking into the digital world. 

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