[LRflex] Re: Onne more time! Best offer for sale!

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Dear Dr. Farzin,

I'm sorry I thought I answered your question yesterday that the cameras were
sold else where. 


Copy of my post March 9/09  

>>>Dear Dr. Farzin,

I meant to send this early yesterday to tell you the cameras are gone but I
may have a couple of lenses left if this other chap doesn't get them today.


Sorry about the delay but between the damn flu/cold, struggling through that
trying to get things done with a new assistant it's been a bitch.


Sorry Sir to send this late.








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Hi ! this is Dr.Farzin again . How could you help me sending those two R 8,s
to Dubai ?I can send you the amount via money exchanges here. 1000 U.S. for
two R8,s right. now I,m thinking for your lenses too.   Thanks .  Dr.Farzin
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From: Ted Grant <tedgrant@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [LRflex] Onne more time! Best offer for sale!
To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Friday, March 6, 2009, 7:12 PM

Some of you may recall this FS offer the other day. Actually it's a give
away sale and considering all the people who have hot thoughts about owning
an R8 I'm quite surprised at the lack of questions let alone offering that I
must be loosing my mind to sell them so cheaply to offer them for this give
away price.


Oh I know it's the world recession/depression right?

Actually I had one personal question. "Why are you selling them so cheaply?
What's wrong with them?"


The answer?  Absolutely nothing wrong with the gear at all works beautifully
and they sing like birds. Look good also. 


It's me!!!!!!!!!!! :-( I can't see through them any longer, yeah that's
right! Please don't offer any suggestions they've all been tried! :-( The
one good eye is slowly failing, so to focus quickly or even slowly? Not much
of a hope! Pity! That's life get over it! The one good thing? For some
reason the rangefinder patch of the M8 is easier to use. One of those facts
of life and worse when you're a one eyed seeing photog! 


So I'm offering this one more shot for sale as lis ted below. A bargain like
this you are not going to get damn few days.






If anyone is interes ted I have 2 R8's complete with motor drives and
charger for the motor power packs...... $1000.oo USA   plus shipping.
That's it $1000. for the pair of them!!!!!!! So one might call this the sale
of the year and given as we've read Leica are no longer producing even the
R9 this is a steal!


THEY ARE FOR SALE AS A PAIR!!!!  For the measly amount of $1000. including
motors and charger. That's for 2 of them! Like $500 bucks a piece!


 If you only want one?  Then the price becomes $1000! Each!


You guys have never had an offer like this for perfectly working R8's Yeah I
know I should keep one as a souvenir from the days I could see! At this
stage I don't need any reminders of when I could sharply see and shoot! 


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