[LRflex] Re: One more rumour...

  • From: "FLAVIO GORI" <flaviogori@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 19:07:01 +0200

your very welcome mails are giving a lot of hope. Its fine understand Leica
is still alive and kicking (if I correctly use your language!).
Actually I hope to use my R lenses in the future. No autofocus would not be
an issue, for me, while the weight and the cost would be:-(


On 18/10/2007, David Young <telyt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> More from Rochester:
> During the Q&A session with Hr. Kaufmann, someone asked about the rumours
> of a new f0.9 Noctilux .. presumably for the M cameras.
> Hr. Kaufmann simply smiled and said *"Some rumours are true."
> *Whether this one is, or not, I leave to you to decide.
> Cheers!
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