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I guess everything has been said already ;-)
I will print the words of ted for my own use !
nothing more to say except :  good recovery & rest !
greetings, Axel

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> David Young offered:
>>>>> For George, Axel and everyone who kindly commented, here is an attempt 
>>>>> to
>> emulate Dr. Ted's patented "Swishy Pan" shot.
>> http://www.furnfeather.net/Temps/Stake_04.html
>> It didn't work out quite as sharp as I'd have liked, but I still like 
>> it....<<<<<<<<<<<
> Hi David,
> Given I'm not supposed to be on this machine due to R&R (recovery & rest) 
> I try to sneak in quick looks when SWMBO is out or busy . However catching 
> me????????????? Death awaits me! Well not quite, but a verbal scolding the 
> likes the Devil himself coudn't make up. :-)
> OK quickly:
> 1/ You must be on the straight stretch of the track never mind any 
> corners. period! This allows a perfect left to right "Swishy Pan" of the 
> moving bike! Go to manual focus and be focused on the track line he's 
> running on before he gets to absolutely right angles to you.
> 2/ whatever it takes to get down to say 1/30th or 1/15th set and locked! 
> When he starts down the straightaway pick him up in the viewfnder... "DO 
> NOT TOUCH FOCUS EVEN IF HE'S BLURRED OUT!" WHY? Well if you've prefocused 
> on the track he'll be flying past you he'll be infocus at that time! It 
> doesn't matter what he looks like at the far end of the track as he enters 
> the straight. He will ride into focus as he approaches your on track focus 
> point right in front of you.
> 3/ Now you're following him through the viewfinder and swish-panning with 
> him as fast as he is moving and follow through just like swinging a 
> baseball bat or golf club.  If you have motor drive start firing a frame 
> or two before he gets directly at right angle to you and flollow through a 
> frame or two after he's passes.
> 4/ Or if you wish to live dangerously fire one frame as you and camera are 
> swishing with him at exactly the same speed. "Don't think about it as it's 
> far more important for you to physically be moving at the same speed he 
> is. One frame or motor drive. And follow through.
> your body motion as you "click!" You must shoot and continue the body 
> motion as fast as the rider is going.
> As soon as the next rider or two neck and neck come down the track shoot 
> them in similar fashion. This kind of shooting exercise with digital is 
> wonderful because you can look at it immediately right after the shot. 
> Shoot lots of them in this fashion and you will create some very 
> interesting effects with the bike sharp and the background a complete 
> swishy-pan of colour!
> It's most important that you swish your body at exactly the same speed he 
> is moving!  Good luck.
> If you find the blurr is too much IE: the bike is blurring try a slightly 
> higher shutter speed. Each sport dictates what the shutter speeds are 
> depending on whether it's a runner or a 250 klm Ferrari blowing by you.
> Gotta go, I think I heard the car door! :-)
> cheers,
> Dr. ted
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