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  • From: David Young <dsy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 08:05:56 -0700

Howard wrote:

Dear David and Steve,
Thanks for sorting out the focus and beep confirmation settings. I
have sourced my R > Oly adapter in Shanghai but haven't ordered it yet
because I am in Bali (fighting the demons who have possessed the
electrical system in our villa) and want to be able to send the
adapter back if it doesn't work as soon as received. I am looking
forward to seeing how my 180 APO works on my E3.
Thanks again


I have discovered one flaw with the R>Oly Focus Confirmation adapters...

On the first version, Summicron-R, there is a rear "lip" which seems to have no purpose other than to allow you put the lens, rear element side down, on a surface, without letting the glass touch the surface. However, when used with the FC adapter, this lip bumps into the circuit board and prevents the lens from focusing to infinity.

So, it seems that I must either (a) grind down the lip, (b) purchase a non-FC adapter or (c) forget about using this lens with the Oly.

Has anyone else found other lenses which "conflict" with these adapters? Has anyone a better solution than the above 3 options?


Your 180 should be just fine ... I have only had a small amount to time to play with my new toys... as we are in the midst of a kitchen renovation, and Rose wants the place back together, ASAP! However, at first glance, the 400 Telyt is quite hand holdable, without use of the shoulder stock, thanks to the in-body IS. However, contrast seems noticeably lower when used with converters (either the Oly 1.4x or Leica 2x). Will test further, and report back, later.



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