[LRflex] Re: Old film ? 20 years is too old !

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  • Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 23:50:10 -0800 (PST)

I often use expired film. The time I give are for film stored outside the 
In the worst scenario, some 16+ year old Orwo had extremely low contrast, 
fogging as well as various spots and splotches.
B&W films under 10 years old generaly just have some contarst lowering, so I 
use them taking that into account.
2-3 years expiration I find almost insignificant.

Though if I'm going to a place like K2, I'd also budget some fresh film for 
it..  ;-)

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After successfully exposing and developing a 10 year old roll of Agfa APX25, I 
decided to push my luck with a roll of Efke (Adox) KB17 which had an expiry 
date of 1989 on it. 
After researching development times (I settled on 8;15 in D76 1:1) i gave it a 
try. The result...a film that shows generalized fogging, perhaps a zone 3.5 
when transferred to the print.
Oh, i had also done a pre-wet of 5 minutes as I usually do.
Conclusion: If you have some old films around, 10 years or younger, shoot them 
but don't use the stuff for that irreplaceable moment when you've stepped onto 
the peak of Everest or K2.

Just maybe...could I pull the film through some bleach to get rid of that 
fogging ? any ideas out there ?



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