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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

linda.vermeiren@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Thanks Charlie,
My goal was with natural light and no tourists around and no signs of this being a ship to visit, to get the feeling of actually being able to be there, go back in time ...like in some movies (with R.Crowe , forgot the title) I kept the last one dark, because that was what I saw. Whe I sat under the window (just above the table) it was different. Yours sincerely Linda
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    linda.vermeiren@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
    Dear members,
An interior of an old ship. No tourists in view ;) http://fotos.designing.be/HamburgOldYacht/ yours sincerely Linda
       Great shots.  I love the light on the textures of the wood
and the glossy paint. Thanks for posting them.
       Beautiful ship, too. :-)

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