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Thanks, Doug.  That confirms what I find with my copy of the Tokina lens
too.  I am very happy with it and find it  amazingly good for the money.
Tokina made some very fine lenses in the past which I currently own for my
Minolta manual focus cameras.  The Tokina made Vivitar Series 1 90mm f/ 2.5
Macro lens is one of the finest lenses ever made IMO.  So they are perfectly
capable of making some good optics.

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I found the article in FotoMagazin April 2005.
Final results
Nikon 4/12-24 DX G IF-ED  Optical 78% Mechanical 76% Price 1300 euro
Verdict 3 stars - good

Canon EF-S 3,5-4,5/10-22 USM  Optical 68% Mechanical 71%  Price 900 euro
Verdict 4 stars - very good
Tokina AT-X Pro 4/12-24 SD (IF) DX Optical 85% Mechanical 87% Price 540
euro Verdict 5 stars - super

The Tokina zoom is described in the editorial as :
Excellent build quality
Superior handling
Mechanically robust
Surprisingly low vignetting, only obvious at 12mm
No limitations wide open
Distortion low for  12mm
Excellent resolution
Focus and zoom ring very well positioned (ergonomic)
And the shade gets a special mention too.


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