[LRflex] Re: New Tool by Corel, here what I could do with it!

  • From: Philippe Amard <phamard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 09:41:30 +0200

Hi Xavier,

Nice saturated colours, good rendition and piqué :-D
Lens is sharp indeed (snap 2 is a hommage to its qualities - ce que 
j'aime le plus c'est le bouquet-bohkey)

What I think is you and I suffer from the same disease: shooting too 
close (cadrage trop serré)
We then miss on the photo part of what attracted us to the live scene; 
scanning sometimes adds to the problem (loss of a few mm on each side? 
my scanner does crop into the edges) and then  even if Leica claims 92% 
of what is actually taken is in the viewfinder, I do have my doubts 
about it; WYSINOTWYG in the end sometimes.

Were I to try my luck on these water mobiles, I would pay more attention 
to this:

photo n°1 : dark counterweight missing on the right hand side,  flux of 
water on the left hand side interrupted by edge. Snap slightly slanted 
but you can correct this through photoshop (orientation, personnalisée, 
1 ou 2 degrés anticlockwise) although you'll lose more of the edges when 
you crop to make it square again.

photo 2    I'd step back one yard or so (or use shorter lens is back to 
the wall) and get more of the surroundings - perhaps it would be also 
possible to hide those nasty pipes in the background thanks to the 
second mobile.

photo 3 - nice light effect in the glass staircase behind -matches the 
golden horns nicely - you did want them included and i understand that, 
but we miss a "margin" at the foot to give the snap more depth and 
balance - good shot anyway and the water jets are well captured

Perhaps it was difficult to shot because it is a crowded area and you 
nevertheless managed to skip them, which is good too. Were you using a 
tripod? How tall are you?

I hope I'm not being felt as agressive or telling; simply adding 
(constructive?) remarks to what I think is a nice job.

Enjoy the week

Bille Xavier F. wrote:

>Hello To all.
>In a desperate effort to improve the Scan of Slides, I have invested in a 
>Pack Paint Shop Pro by Corel.
>Just a quick review as this list is not meant for this: It has a lot of 
>tools to correct the images and they are not too difficult to use. THe 
>package includes a Noise reduction tool for the picture produced by a 
>Digicam as well as a management for the raw files (I could not test it, the 
>NEF (Nikon Raw Enhanced file from my scanner could not be opened by Corel, 
>So far, I'm pretty happy.
>Last Month, I put an auto assignement to use the Summicron 90, just to 
>practice, here a a few results, near Beaubourg (Sensia 100).
>These are not far from the original Slides, same scanner by Nikon (See Exif 
>This package by Corel is probably a good alternative to Photoshop (which I 
>personnally dislike).
>Xavier F. BILLE
>Maisons-Alfort - France.
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