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Greetings all,
I have crept out of my 'radio silence' on the news release of the Leica S2......
One may ask if there was a Leica S1, and actually there
was....although it was a tethered studio cam rather than this
(r)evolutionary breakaway that Leica has termed the S2.

The S1 was the 'first' digital Leica with 5140 X 5140 pixels!
See:    http://photo.net/leica-rangefinders-forum/00GqzV

This is a rather long article from the New Yorker circa 2005 about an
exemplary effort using the S1:

Moving on to today's Leica S2, here are other sites with more info. :

Wishing you all "Sunny 16" as we move into Autumn!
Eric Chan
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