[LRflex] Re: Mid range zoom advice

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  • Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2006 00:29:34 +0100

Tim Bedsted wrote:
> Aram,
> Peter M. C.Werner has some test shots of the 35-70/4, 28-70/3.5 and also the 
> Angenieux 35-70/2.3 zooms on the FredMiranda thread.
> However, I to have had problems finding a "objective" comparison between 
> these lenses, so hopefully something will emerge.
> Tim
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>       I am thinking the unforgivable - actually buying a zoom lens.  I 
> thought a
>       mid range one would be the place to start since the majority of my 
> shots are
>       with a 35, 50, or the 100 APO.
>       So, I have heard good things about the 35-70 f-4 zoom.  I know there is 
> also
>       a 28-70 f-3.5-4.5 zoom, but I can only remember vague not-so-good 
> references
>       to it.  I checked out Doug's site and he has no experience or 
> description of
I used to have the 28-70 but sold after a it few weeks. For me it was 
not up to the standards I'm used to with Leica. Not very sharp wide open 
and too much distortion on the wide end.
I now have the 35-70/4 which is very good in my opinion. It also has a 
modest macro capabiltity which makes it my standard lens.


Michiel Fokkema

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