[LRflex] Re: Macro-Elmarit Adapter

  • From: Philippe Amard <phamard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 21:15:00 +0200

(Jokingly) What on earth are you calling Adaptor?
Is it to be construed as the ring leica provides for 1:1 magnifiaction?
or is it an adaptor for using the 60 on another brand of camera?

I'm a bit lost on that one.

Thanks for your lights

David Young wrote:

>Art wrote:
>>For what it's worth,
>>As long as the macro adapter is at least a 2 cam version, you can easily add
>>a "3rd-cam" to it yourself. I've done it numerous times, most notably on the
>>early 3 part extension tube set and an early 2X converter, as well 
>>as an early
>>macro extension tube. All you need is a T-mount from an Olympus OM series
>>product. You take the actuating lug off of the OM T-mount and mount 
>>it in proper
>>phase on the Leica unit. I did this on an older 2cam 400 Telyt and all worked
>>perfectly. All the 3rd cam (actually lug) is for is to "null" the meter on an
>>R3 and above camera body.
>>Art Tafil
>On additional bit, Art.... if you are using it on an R8 or R9, they 
>do not require the "null" cam, to work properly, though the R3 though R7 do.
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