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Did the Leica designer say whether or not the current R lens mount
would be retained for the R10?

Allow me to answer that, if you will.

Yes, the R10 (and later) cameras are to be full-frame (24x36mm sensor) cameras, which accept all current R lenses. I am assuming (speculating) that they will accept 1,2 and 3 cam lenses - though only if they've been modified to have the third cam. I'm pretty sure that the body will record lens data only from ROM lenses. If course, the new R glass will also be AF ... so I am also assuming something like the ROM contacts will be duplicated opposite the current ROM set, for AF control. The older first and second cams would not interfere with these body contacts in the same way that these cams do not currently interfere with the existing body-side ROM contacts

The one "price" for this compatibility will be the mechanism required to actuate the aperture in the older lenses. Electronic aperture control (as is done in Canon and the S2, among others) is cheaper to implement than a mechanical method, while also being more reliable. Doing both would cost Leica more. But, again, Pentax has kept their mechanical aperture control and maintained a very competitive price. So, if they can do it, I guess Leica can, too.

I understand that the S2 lenses are all metal, using aluminum and other, more sophisticated, lightweight alloys, rather than brass, to save weight. If this technology comes to new R lenses, they will be significantly lighter than present R lenses. That along, combined with a smaller, lighter, high quality body and the advent of AF will convince many to purchase both the new body and new AF-R glass. Newer, better designs would simply be "icing on the cake". And that's what Leica need... for the money is in the glass, not in the bodies.



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