[LRflex] Re: Leica R zoom lens 28mm -90mm

  • From: NATSTEK@xxxxxxx
  • To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 12:12:17 EST

For what it's worth, this appears to have been one of Leica's "Unobtanium" 
lenses that had been built in incredibly limited numbers and for whatever 
reason, defies explanation. Creations such as these are what will eventually 
lead to 
Leica's demise! 

Why create something that so very few can even afford to buy, because it'll 
eventually drive them to brand "C" or "N". 

I'm not downgrading the performance of this and other limited availability 
Leica lenses, rather I'm ststing an opinion that their present financial 
position is greatly due to their own creation. Unfortunately in todays 
world climate, it is nigh impossible to maintain Leica's position of "super 
limited availability" and hope to survive. The majority of the purchasing world 
wants something that they can reasonably afford and get their hands on, RE: the 
Leica DMR back. "The consumer world waits for no-one, not even Leica"

If this sounds like I'm anti-Leica, I'm far from it. I thoroughly enjoy my 
Leica's and I'll pass them down to my son and daughters when I can no longer 
effectively use them. I just hope that there is still a Leica Camera Company 
around so that they can obtain other equipment pieces as I have.

Just a thought

Art Tafil

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