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I don't think anybody (certainly, not me) is arguing that the 20D is anywhere 
near the build quality of any Leica.

However, in the fast changing world of digital, if my 20D lasts 5 years, I can 
buy an improved replacement.  And if that camera dies in 5 more years, I can 
buy an improved replacement and I'll have still spent less than a DM-R.

The ONLY problem with the DMR is not it's longevity. In fact, that is most 
likely it's worst feature, given the rapidly changing digital scene.

As digital matures, I will eventually invest in an R11 digi-body - if such a 
thing is ever made.  But I cannot afford to support Leica at their current 
prices and with the current short product life cycles.

As I stated earlier, other than the joy of using a body that is superbly 
crafted, the essence of Leica photography is in the lenses... the LeiCanon 
option allows for the quality of photography Leica users exepect.

Best Regards,

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On 08/06/2005 at 9:09 AM Karen Nakamura wrote:

>>  > ... the 20D comes **very** close at 1/4 the price
>>No disputing the value represented by the 20D but this begs the 
>>question.... hasn't Leica always been a premium brand?  Haven't 
>>there always been lower-cost alternatives delivering good quality? 
>>It appears that to many on this list the 20D's performance is good 
>>enough - so why have you used Leica before?  Were the lower-cost 
>>film cameras not good enough?
>Doug -
>I agree!  Were we having this discussion ten years ago? I could 
>imagine:   "I could buy a EOS Rebel for $200 at Walmart. Why should I 
>buy a Leica R6.2? It can't even do auto-focus.  I can use all my R- 
>lens on my Rebel with an adapter."
>The 20D isn't a Rebel, but it isn't even an EOS-3, it's about an 
>EOS-5 or EOS-7 in build quality.
>The proper comparison with the R9/DMR is the Canon EOS 1D Mark II. 
>Similar crop factor, similar size, and similar build quality, and not 
>that different in price.
>Karen Nakamura
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