[LRFlex] Re: Leica DMR

  • From: Karen Nakamura <mail@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 09:09:13 +0900

 > ... the 20D comes **very** close at 1/4 the price

No disputing the value represented by the 20D but this begs the question.... hasn't Leica always been a premium brand? Haven't there always been lower-cost alternatives delivering good quality? It appears that to many on this list the 20D's performance is good enough - so why have you used Leica before? Were the lower-cost film cameras not good enough?

Doug -

I agree! Were we having this discussion ten years ago? I could imagine: "I could buy a EOS Rebel for $200 at Walmart. Why should I buy a Leica R6.2? It can't even do auto-focus. I can use all my R- lens on my Rebel with an adapter."

The 20D isn't a Rebel, but it isn't even an EOS-3, it's about an EOS-5 or EOS-7 in build quality.

The proper comparison with the R9/DMR is the Canon EOS 1D Mark II. Similar crop factor, similar size, and similar build quality, and not that different in price.


Karen Nakamura
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