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Well done David! :-) Certainly far better than my "moon moments!" 

I was watching the latest weather forecast on the tele and from the
description I didn't bother to even look. When Irene called me to "Come look
at the moon!"

I did and there it was just going into the first stage. "WOW HOLY COW LOOK
AT THAT! COOL!" says I. So I'm standing there watching. 

Our visiting daughter suggested, "Hey Dad don't you think you should take
some pictures?" And both of them laughed outrageously as I went to get gear.
Oh I got some, but nothing to compare with the beautiful images posted this
morning. Oh well next time I'll have the gear ready just in case. :-)

And a big well done to all the "Moon shooters who posted wonderful




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For those of you who live in North America, and who took the time to 

look outside, last evening, there was a lunar eclipse.




The quality of the photos is not what I'd like, as there was some 

obscuring light cloud, and of course, even with ISO 1600 & 3200, 

exposures at f13.6 (wide open) ran to 1.5 seconds, which is more than 

enough to cause blur simply from the motion of the earth.


These are not shots to make 12x18 prints from ... but they were fun to try!


All with the 400 Telyt f6.8 + 2x converter on Canon 30D.


Comments, good or bad, always appreciated.





David Young,

Logan Lake, CANADA


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