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  • From: David Young <telyt@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 11:39:01 -0800

Gary Pinkerton wrote:

>Hi All
>Anyone here used Kinderman recently for repairs?
>If so, any compliments?
>Any problems with service, or shipping to Canada?
>Thanks in Advance
Hi Gerry!

I've had Gerry and his crew do the following:

 50/Summicron - add 3rd cam to 2 cam lens
 90 Summicron - had been dropped (stiff focusing) and left in camera bag 
on flooded basement floor (rust)
180 Elmar - remove sand from focusing fount, and repair rusted diaphragm 
blades (left in camera bag on flooded basement floor )
Check & add 'null' cam to 2x SL style converter.
Repair focusing to Doug Herr's old 21/SA

There must be more, that I cannot think of now.  In every case, the 
service was impeccable.  Where parts were readily available, service was 
fast. When not, service was slower, but not Kindermann's fault.  See: 

Returned units were always packed well, and arrived just fine.

In all cases, I was kept informed of the status of the repair and the 
price was lower than originally quoted.  I recommend Kindermann highly.

Sorry, can't tell you about shipping to Canada.  I live here!  However, 
it is usually wise to get a green customs card showing the serial number 
(unless you've got the original invoice, showing the s/n of the item to 
be repaired), so your customs people won't try to charge you duty on the 
gear.  You will, in some countries, pay duty on the value of the repair, 
but that's usually around 5% or so. Check with your customs agency.

Hope this helps!


David Young,
Logan Lake, BC    

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