[LRflex] Re: Jay

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  • Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 08:42:58 -0700

David Young SHOWED:
Subject: [LRflex] Re: Jay

> Good Morning, Ted, Richard and all:
> Here is the modified Steller's Jay...  I've reduced the sharpening and
> darkened the image a bit...more like I remember it, as taken.
> The result, is, I hope, more like it was, and less like it was shot with
> flash, which it wasn't. It also shows, a bit better (I think) the dappling
> of the light caused by the tree's branches.
> The original effort is here:
> http://www.furnfeather.net/Temps/Jay.html
> the reworked image, here:
> http://www.furnfeather.net/Temps/Jay-2.html

Good morning David,
That's much better, as it doesn't have that flash blasted look to it now. 
Thanks for the effort of change.
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