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Owls in the wild are not easy:


This was a few minutes ago in my back yard.  R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO+1.4x 
APO-Extender-R, tripod, flash & flashlight.

A pair of Western Screech Owls has been nesting annually in a cavity in my back 
yard cottonwood tree for a number of years and I finally got off my butt and 
tried to get some photos of them.  One of the adults roosts in a neighboring 
tree during the day (I haven't found the roost tree yet) and flies into the 
nest tree just as it's becoming impossible to see anything, calls the other 
adult out off the nest hole, and takes its turn with the eggs.  The whole 
process takes only a minute or so in which time I have to find the incoming 
owl, find a spot with a clear view, find the bird in the camera's viewfinder, 
focus and trip the shutter.  A hand-held flashlight (UK: torch) helps 
immensely.  All comments welcome.

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

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