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Now that I've learned the otter's habits and haunts I might be able to get a 
few more photos.  This particular animal was feeding and grooming within sight 
of me for a few hours, occasionally within range of the 560mm lens.

Thanks for the feedback and comments!

Doug Herr

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>> I'm not thrilled about the cluttered background or how much I had to crop,
>> but I'm delighted that after at least 10 years of trying to photograph this
>> critter I've finally gotten one photo I'm willing to show:
>> http://wildlightphoto.com/mammals/carnivores/nrott00.html
>> Technical stuff:  R8/DMR @ISO 400, 560mm f/6.8, shoulder stock & monopod
>> Sacramento County California last weekend
>   I like it.  The lighting is perfect for the animal's coat.  The
>pose is perfect.  The background isn't that distracting, and the
>harmony between the larger rocks and the size and shape of his head
>combine with his overly serious expression to suggest a humorous link
>between the two, but not to a degree to detract from displaying the
>animals beauty.
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