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  • From: Peter Klein <pklein@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2016 17:47:09 -0800

Thanks, Richard and Xavier. Don't worry about "peeping." My family is happy to have these up. My older aunt's house burned down in the 80s, so she and her husband and 4 kids lost all their family pictures. My Mom stashed these slides away soon after taking, and they've been sitting in a box for ~60 years. I'm bringing the memories back.

I know what you mean about Kodachrome's life vs. other processes. There are some color prints and Ektachrome slides in the box, too, and they are faded. But the B&W and the Kodachrome is as good as new. Paul Simon was right!

P.S. I love your dog, Xavier! And yes, I wish for a bit of Spanish sunshine at this time of year, too. Il fait très gris à Seattle.


Xavier wrote:

Hello Peter!

Yes, it was nice to see these, although I felt a peeper as obviously these are
family albums.

I kept clicking thu the gally and found myself in dront of what I found
marvelous when I got there, the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba.
If I had time, It would be a delicious perspective for a week end: Cordoba is
much decent in February than Maisons Alfort!

From : Xavier F. BILLE

  * Richard Palmer wrote:

Mr. Klein,We should all be grateful that Kodachrome ever existed.If not those
photos might be faded magenta memories.Thank you for sharing some of your
family pictures.Rich Palmer

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