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Philippe AMARD wrote:
Hi David and Charlie,

Where is Paradiseland?


Now about the church; central Switzerland is mainly protestant/reformed denomination. Engelberg is at the end of a remote upper valley in cul de sac where a catholic congregation built this monastery and church long ago as a kind of island in non catholic territory. The organ there is said to be the largest in the country and one of the biggest in Europe - and the interior shot was taken while music was still being palyed after an end of term service for the (religious) secondary school.
  Thanks for that, I've never been there.  I will certainly fix that
next time I'm in CH. A bit of heaven indeed. :-)
  I looked the organ up and it has 157 ranks and a bit more than
9000 pipes, larger than any in France, including Notre Dame de Paris.
(see: http://www.die-orgelseite.de/index_e.html.)

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