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That thar is a photograph.

Let it be; as close to perfection as they get.

Save it, print it, shoot some more in JPG with Factory Defaults, if that's what it takes.



On Mar 19, 2009, at 7:00 PM, Ted Grant wrote:

WOW David see what happens when you don’t read the manual correctly? Beautiful photograph. J

Now just leave the camera as is, or set it to raw and don’t fiddle anything else as long as they keep turning out like this! A marvelous photographic moment. Rarely do you see posts by myself complaining about digital camera use as many others do. WHY? I rarely read the manual, I turned the cameras on and used it as a photographer would and not a techie.

What I’m finding the more I’ve been speaking with folks this past several months is, many of them are forgetting one major thing for successful pictures.

They have become techies first, photogs second! They are relying on the machine way too much, instead of their ability as photographers. As soon as people forget they’re photographers and become button pushers, the screw-ups begin or they waste tremendous amounts of time fiddling and farting about with the gear instead of enjoying what we all are…. Photographers first last and always. To hell with the techie stuff.

Nice picture indeed. Good on you lad!

Dr. ted J

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Yesterday I updated the Firmware on my Oly E3 to version 1.3. (For Oly owners, it improves the AF in continuous focus mode ... something which was sorely needed.)

What I didn't realize was that the update resets everything to factory defaults, so this morning I found myself shooting in .jpg, instead of RAW. We had a young lady visiting, and I shot her, against the light. The .jpg didn't do things quite as I would have liked, or would have done with the raw file... but I kinda like the results.


C&C welcomed, as always.


David Young
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