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Kirti Dugar  wrote:

Hi Kirti!

Welcome to the zoo! You'll find us a diverse group of friendly people with a lot of experience to share.

1. I cant qaffr to buy the Leica M system ad lenses
2. I see that an R8 reflex and ad SL2 with lenses is available for a
reasonable price.....
3. If film, slide and processing head to oblivion?

Some slide films (ie: Kodachrome) are gone, but others remain. Film and it's processing, should be around for many years, though the choices may become more limited, over time.

4. If yes, and the world is all goig to be digital anyway, should I
bother prusuing R system at all.

Because of the high quality of Leica lenses, many here are using Leica-R lenses on Canon and Olympus cameras, via adapters, and on Nikon and Sony cameras, via the Leitax mount conversion kits.

If you plan on using film, the R8 is a wonderful camera. I've had both the R8 and the R9 and the are great units.

If you are thinking of going digital, then I suggest you seriously consider the Olympus, Canon, Nikon options, depending on your budget. Personally, I am using my R lenses on an Olympus E3 ... a good choice for telephoto work, but not so good for wide-angle use, due to the 2x crop factor. The Nikon and Canon full frame digital models are better for w/a use, while their APS-C (1.6 or 1.5 crop factors) are in between the two.

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