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  • From: David Young <telyt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 08:58:05 -0700

Philippe  wrote:

>Now David, I guess you type a little less on the list because of 
>these hands on the camera - we miss you here ;-)

Thank you, Philippe, but my absence from the list has nothing to do 
with the camera or the rain.  We've simply had a lot of company, 
these last few days.  That and spending time getting yet another 
kitten (Tippens) used to us.

There is another reason.  When we were out on the water, Saturday, 
fishing and taking photographs, we eventually had to return to the 
dock.  When we did, I misjudged the amount the boat would move 
backwards, whilst I stepped forward.  My left leg went into the 
water, while my right one stayed with the boat. My chest hit the 
dock, but because I was wearing my life jacket, it acted as a 
cushion, so no damage there, except to my pride.  However, in the 
fall, I sprained 3 fingers and broke the fourth, on my right 
hand.  It rather slows up the typing!

>RAIN : Well, water is becoming a scarce ressource - see the exhibition
>meant to sensitize people to that issue -  here
>Now as it is rare, you should shoot the rain
>and post more of your wonderful photos. ;-)

Water may be a scarce resource... here, more than anywhere, for Logan 
Lake lies at the northern tip of the Great American Desert, which 
runs from central Mexico to just north of Kamloops, less than 60km 
away.  Rain, is none to common, here,  but yesterday we had 29mm 
(1.14 inches in the USA) of the stuff.  More is forecast, today ... 
although it's dry at the moment.

Still, I liked your photos.  I've seen variations on the bathtub, 
including one powered by a small steam engine!  But, the watering can 
is gorgeous.  As for Notre Dame ... Esmeralda????



David Young,
Logan Lake, CANADA

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