[LRflex] Re: For Ted... and everybody else....

  • From: Ted Grant <tedgrant@xxxxxxx>
  • To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2008 06:25:53 -0700

Doug Herr asked:


David responded:

>> And, no, I didn't.  But then, just like birds, you don't need one, if
their faces don't show.<<<<


David mon ami,

Because this is a beautiful photograph with what looks like a high potential
for sale, may I suggest you get a release as soon as you can. Better safe
than sorry!

YOU may not be able to see "their faces." But they can recognize themselves
from the back and in a court of law with a very good lawyer who knows how to
pull "yer ying yang" he or she could easily nick you for more dollars than
you'd ever imagine! 

Particularly if the photo were used by an advertising agency on the premise
of. "Well you can't see their faces, so who can tell who they are?"

The scary part is the people in the photo can tell who they are and that's
all that matters, face or no face.

Get the release then you have it!

Actually, most if not any stock agency, reputable ones anyway or certainly
any advertising agency wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole without a

I nearly lost $13,500. 00 dollars a few years back for exactly the same
reason. I said, "You can't see his face! So what's the big deal?"

Look at it this way. "It was $13,500.00 or not!!" And that was the big deal!
My good fortune when I tracked the subject down, guess what? He had died!
And their weren't any heirs so I was home free and $13,500. in pocket!

Trust me, if you don't get the release for a couple of prints you may rue
the day you didn't have it in hand!

Don't think about it, get the release! Particularly if these ladies are as
close as you say, give each a print and get them to sign, period!

Done and over with and yer ass is covered!!



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