[LRflex] EMERGENCY FS: Reflex stuff

  • From: Doug Herr <telyt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: leica@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, lug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 19:31:27 -0800

Family emergency, must raise cash.

Black R8: film rewind has a snag that stalls the motor drive's  
rewind, otherwise excellent condition, very reliable.

DMR with box/IB/charger:  shows signs of use, you've seen the image  
quality it can produce.  Includes 2- 2GB SD cards and standard DMR  

Both for US $5,000

Hyperdrive HD80 80 GB portable storage hard drive, operates on AA  
batteries, 12-volt or A/C power, includes rechargable AA batteries  
and all cords & chargers.  Hard drive can be swapped out for any  
standard notebook drive, USB connection to computer.  No image  
preview.  US$200

80-200mm f/4 Vario-Elmar-R, 3-cam.  Barrel is ugly, glass is  
perfect.  Aperture and zoom controls smooth and solid, focus control  
has some play. US$600

Novoflex 400mm f/5.6 T-Noflexar with Leica-R adapter, front cap  
accessory extension bellows and tripod collar plus 2 Arca-style QR  
plates  US$225  and I'll include the Nikon adapter if I find it

Leica Televit 280 adapter, to fit late-model 280mm f/4.8 lens head to  
Televit focus grip a.k.a. 14138 (I have 2) .  I have heard that late- 
model 400mm f/5 lens heads can also be fitted to the Televit with  
this adapter but I cannot confirm.  $150 each

Universal Extension Tube-R: my modified 14198 30mm extension tube,  
originally for 1:1 photos with the 60mm Macro-Elmarit-R.  I have  
modified this extension tube so that the vast majority of R lenses  
can be used with it, with accurate full-aperture metering on all  
Leica reflex bodies except the Leicaflex Standard.  $125

Leicaflex Standard Type 2, user cosmetic condition, CLA'd last year  
by DAG, meter re-calibrated for 625s silver-oxide battery.   
Viewfinder is bright and clear.  Battery cap trimmed to allow  
clearance for several R lenses like the 280 f/4 100 f/2.8 and others  
(I can include an un-modified battery cap as well) US$250

chrome Leicaflex SL, ugly.  It works but could use a good CLA.   
Viewfinder has problems  US$75

unique de-panda'd chrome Leicaflex SL (pics on request): has chrome  
ST lever, SS dial and film speed dial from Leicaflex Standard.  Needs  
CLA: ST doesn't trip shutter, shutter button a bit sticky, meter  
calibration off.  Viewfinder has some dust but is otherwise bright  
and clear, some scrapes on bottom plate US$350

Leicaflex SL, black chrome.  Average finish wear and very minor  
dings, works perfectly.  Viewfinder has some dust otherwise bright  
and clear.  US$350

Nikon FTN s/n 6553xxx  good user condition.  T shutter speed acts  
like B.  No wrinkles in shutter curtains.  FTN meter head works  
perfectly, includes 2x correct batteries, E and H4 viewscreens. US$250

Nikkormat FTN, CLA'd with new mirror box & resistor ring a few years  
ago and re-calibrated for 625s silver-oxide battery.  US $75

Nikkormat FTN, chrome, works well except for viewfinder shutter speed  
display  US$25

300mm AI f/4.5 ED (NON-IF): this is the very rare first Nikon ED  
lens, exceptionally sharp at all apertures even by current  
standards.  This is clearly a USER lens with significant finish wear  
and some marks on the front element; I have not noticed any image  
quality degradation from the front element marks.  Mechanical stuff  
perfect.  I'm very reluctant to sell this lens and I've priced it  
accordingly  US$550

55mm AIS f/2.8 Micro-Nikkor: moderate finish wear, excellent glass  
and mechanics.  Includes both caps.  US$125

50mm f/2 Nikkor-H, AI'd with factory aperture ring.  Includes hood UV  
filter and front cap US$40

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

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