[LRflex] Re: Digital Workflow - How Do You Cope?

  • From: Miha Golobic <miha.golobic@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 15:00:31 +0100

Great tips!

David, your contact sheet idea is great. Will start to print my own.
Lightroom (mentioned by Philippe) seems great tool too! It`s popular among
photographers (so I read on forums) and It`s on my shopping list. And as
Doug said, we (he) spend(s) much more time with each photo on the computer.
And I HATE that. I wish CCD/CMOS sensors were more clever.

And as a side note, backups on DVDs or external drivers wont last forever
(well nothing does). And reading a DVD after 10 years is very questionable.
Even if the DVD itself holds, the format (and the software to read) might be
well forgotten in 10 years (do you still remember floppy disk ;-)))

Thanks and happy shooting!


2009/2/1 Philippe AMARD <philippe.amard@xxxxxxxx>

> Hi Miha
> I shoot a lot, a h.luvalot - all RAW - chimp on location - then import the
> remainder in Lightroom - make another selection from the library deleting
> the junk - then only process those I think may have a potential - finally I
> export those I want to post in JPEG - the whole batch of RAW I duplicate
> from time to time on an external HD I use as archive.
> This might change a little as I now have an I-Mac too, dedicated to
> photography only - and I haven't yet figured out how I will  organise it all
>  - haven't tried time machine either.
> I don't find it a real strain - LR is convenient for the whole workflow,
> from downloading to posting or printing and archiving.
> A warning: I don't hold Adobe shares ;-)  but that stuff does meet and
> exceed my needs and expectations.
> Hope this may help.
> Philippe
> Miha Golobic wrote:
> In summer 2006 me and Spela traveled to Spain and Portugal and I took 10
>> rolls of film with me. With some palnning I was able to cover our three-week
>> trip with 360 shots. When I got home I developed the slides and framed
>> around 100 keepers. Shortly after I bought my first DSLR and thigs changed.
>> Two and a half years later my computer HD is almost filled with pix of
>> various quality and I get nervous every time I work on my photos with Gimp
>> (the program has nothing to do with it :-))). It never happened in my wet
>> darkroom, even if I spent the whole night in there. So tell me how do you
>> cope with the digital workflow. Do you shoot jpg, RAW, do you shoot more now
>> and have more keepers? Do you print your files or keep them on your HD?
>>  P.S. A friend of mine who is an architect and also a photographer bought
>> himself a DSLR with some tilt/shift lenses a year ago. For fun, he told me.
>> He only takes 10-20 shots per assignment. "That`s two times more than with
>> my Sinar" he replied seriously..."And it is enough"...
>>  Best regards,
>> Miha
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