[LRflex] Re: Digital Workflow - How Do You Cope?

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So, a lightroom question.  I use it and love it.  But, since all changes are
non-destructive, does anyone have a good workflow for saving the images?  My
tendency is to save all my RAW files on DVD, then work on them and then
export the ones I have worked on to TIFF or Photoshop files.  That means
more DVDs.  I toyed with the idea of exporting the catalog to DVD, but what
good will that be when lightroom is no longer available in 10 years?




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David is absolutely right about Silkpix - at least for my L1.
Yet, I'm so lazy ...

Other - HD, floppy and DVD use the same encoding - the problems if ever,
might be for future generations, not ours.
They <ill have to become archeologists and decypher the Digital Rosetta
stone prior to viewing our masterpieces ;-) 


oh yes - LR, you can extend the use and experiments by changing the clock on
your computer - but it can result in a mess for dates, and more importantly
to other applications/programmes ...

Miha Golobic wrote:

Thanks again!


It feels good to learn something from you. I have just downloaded LR (30-day
trial version). Spela is already angry with me, saying I spend way too much
time at my comp.


Best regards,


Miha - slightly digitalized




2009/2/1 <HYPERLINK

Miha Golobic

>And as a side note, backups on DVDs or external drivers wont last forever
>(well nothing does). And reading a DVD after 10 years is very questionable.
>Even if the DVD itself holds, the format (and the software to read) might
>well forgotten in 10 years (do you still remember floppy disk ;-)))

I've been backing up on multiple CDs and a pair of external hard drives.
The hard drives are for immediate access, the CDs are for off-site
archiving.  The CDs are mostly for the exceptional photos that would be
impossible to replicate; one copy to by brother near San Francisco, one to
my daughter presently in Hawaii.

Doug Herr
Birdman of Hawaii
HYPERLINK "http://www.wildlightphoto.com/"; \nhttp://www.wildlightphoto.com

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