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  • From: David Young <dsy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2008 14:35:46 -0700

Doug Herr wrote:

It still happens to me when I cram the camera into the kayak under the forward deck, then pull it out again. Remember, this is a kayak: limited space, a bit wobbly even in flat water, plus I'm trying to keep track of a bird that has the annoying habit of diving when I'm not looking. The R9's mode lock button would be a big help!

Suppose you've been following a grebe for a few hours letting it get used to seeing me at close range, the bird finally figures out that I'm just bobbing on the water like he is, I raise the camera to my eye, push the button and it's DEAD. Thinking I'd killed the battery I rummage through my bag of spare parts, find a fresh battery, pop it in the camera while stowing the "dead" battery so it doesn't go overboard, and the camera is still dead!

Turns out the mode selector dial brushed against my starboard-side leg as I was pulling the camera out from under the forward deck, and it moved from 'm' for manual to nowheresville meaning it was off. About the time I'd gotten this figured out the grebe decides it's time for another dive. #@!!

Ooooooo... that's gotta hurt!

In your case, Doug, I agree...the R9's lock button might be a big help. I had the R8's dial spin on me a few times, but I seldom found it a real problem. I think some R8's were "looser" than others, in this regard.

I found the R9's lock button to have a very high PITA factor. I found it impossible to change without two hands and considerable effort.

All the really need to do, for most of us, was to make the spring that powers the detent ball a wee bit stronger, and make the detents the ball "snigs" into, a bit deeper. That would prevent the dial turning in most situations.

The lock button was the only thing on the R9 that I didn't like and I hated it.

Have you considered a small piece of Gaffers Tape on the knob? I used that, for a couple of weddings, and it solved the problem, while leaving no residue on the body, at the end of the day.


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