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  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 07:41:58 -0800

Tim Bedsted wrote:

>Spot on.
>I have been following the discussions on the DM-R on the net for some time 
>now. What can be concluded?
>1. Reviews almost always give a bad report for the DM-R
>2. People switching to it are ecstatic about the wulity of the reuslt and the 
>easy with which it is obtained
>3. The combination R8+Dm-R or R9+DM-R has its quirks.
>4. The real world tests/comparisons between Canon 1d, Nikon.. and Leica Dm-R 
>to me at least show a remarkable difference in subjective picture quality
>5. clinical resolution tests a la dpreview seems to sell the DM-R short
G'Mornin' Tim!

I think you and Gary have summed it up best. 

Re: Points 1 & 2... 

This does, indeed, seem to  be the case.  Similarly, if you read most 
magazine reviews of any Leica "M" camera, it is usually the same.  
Reviewers consider them very expensive and "old hat".  Yet users rave 
about the results and ease with which they are obtained.  I think most 
most reviewers recoil at the price tag, and cannot see beyond that.  Yet 
(assuming you already have an R8/9), it is not that much more than a 
Canon 5D. 

Re: Point 3...

The DM-R combination does, indeed, have some quirks.  One might even 
call some of them shortcomings... but none seriously impair its ability 
to take fine photographs.  I, for one, am willing to put up with the 
quirks in order to obtain the results.

Re: Points 4 & 5...

The quality advantage of Leica has always been a subjective thing.  
Clinical tests of Leica lenses often show them no better than Zeiss, or 
top-line Canon or Nikon glass.  Yet, those who use them love their 
'difference'.  I know that I used Nikon for many years, with great 
success and pleasure.  I then found myself in need of a much smaller 
camera (it's a long story) and bought a Leica CL. One roll, and I was 
blown away by the naturalness of colour reproduction, as well as the 
colour depth and contrast of Leica glass.  I didn't keep the CL for more 
than about 3 years, as (a) it broke a lot and (b) I'm a dyed-in-the-wool 
reflex man.  But I never left Leica (R3, then R5 & R6, then  R8 & SL) 
after that. And I've never been unhappy with the photos Leicas produce.


To me, if not others, it is - as Shutterbug said - "the holy grail of 
imaging".   That is a **very* subjective statement,  but I'm fast 
becoming a believer.


David Young,
Logan Lake, BC    

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