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  • Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 17:09:27 -0700


Yes, indeed, I give Leica high marks for paying attention to this failure
mode; it is clearly a show-stopper and has to be dealt with quickly and
firmly, something that can't be put off but must be kicked in the head now,
as we used to say.

I wish now that I had not returned the original parts to Leica but it seemed
like the thing to do at the time so I can't make an off hand A-B comparison.


The wheel detent function now seems much more positive; the wheel really
"clicks in" to each position very positively and firmly, with a louder
audible click, much more so than I remember. The Set button likewise seems
to have a firmer feel and its function is louder than I remember too. There
is no Audible Signal for any of the wheel functions so I know I am hearing
good old mechanical noise.

The serrated wheel rim protrudes rearward (away from the camera body) quite
a bit more past the rear face of the wheel than I remember, giving the new
wheel a significant rim on its rear side, protruding past the elevated
lettering, "ISO," "W B," etc. My sense is that the wheel is axially thicker
than the old one.

The serrations on the backside of the rim feel as if the they have been
sharpened up a bit so that my left thumb can turn the wheel easily when it
is placed on the wheel rim in an axial direction, i.e., I don't have to push
on the exposed rim of the wheel radially with my left index finger to turn

Altogether it seems to feel like a more robust design. I said something to
that effect when I first handled it and the dealer remarked that he had
never seen a replaced wheel come off again, which tells me that (a) I am not
the Lone Ranger (which I know because one of his employees had the same
problem) and (b) that he has seen this failure mode several times before;
being a kind soul I did not ask him how many such failures he had

I did try out the repaired camera with a few shots of Monterey Bay as long
as I was there and it functioned as expected in all respects.
This failure mode could be an instance of significant infant mortality so it
may get cleared up pretty quickly as we head down the bathtub curve.

I'll ask a friend to photograph the new wheel when he can and will send a
picture along when I am able.

As ever,


David Young wrote:

> At 21/06/2006, you wrote:
>> Hi-
>> I picked up my DMR from the Leica dealer in Monterey, Sean Cranor, owner of
>> Camera West, yesterday, seventeen days after I delivered it to him for
>> replacement of the setting dial, which had come loose in my camera bag.
>> Best,
>> Bill
> Hi Bill!
> Given shipping times, I don't think that's too bad!
> However, my question is simple... does the wheel "feel" any
> better?  Is it different?  Stiffer, smoother, sturdier "feeling"?
> Enquiring minds want to know!
> Cheers!
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